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When we started our diet months ago, I was super excited. I continue to be excited about it, but feel like I am losing momentum in the excitement realm at least. Yesterday we had an Endo appointment, and ABSOLUTELY nothing has changed… at least as far as D’s A1C is concerned. He is still a 9.8 which is an average of 240. This number is within range, but they still are not pleased with it. They made no adjustments to his insulin. I guess I should be happy that we used less insulin to get the same result as 3 months ago, but uggh. After some in depth conversations we agree that there are several factors that are contributing to this reading. A) D is still nursing and B) he is eating contstantly, so we are constantly playing catch up. Our Endo assured us we are doing a phenomenal job, and they aren’t worried about his A1C at this time. They said at his age we would be lucky to get it below 9. This is reassuring, but we are in a diet that is supposed to be helping with this!

Am I doing something wrong? Is all my work for not? Is this diet a whole big thing of hogwash? Would weaning my son be the best bet? These are all questions that are swarming around in my head.

We are still transitioning into being fully GAPS legal. This weekend we finally got rid of the remaining nonstick pans in our collection. This is definitely something you have to ease into. Otherwise the costs would eat you alive. I am still set that diet is the way to go, though we may need to make some tweaks in the weeks to come.

All I can say is, continuous glucose monitors rock. If not for that thing, I would be so lost as to where this high A1C was coming from. As everybody knows we are still nursing, and according to 180 Degree Health Breastmilk has a similar carbohydrate make up to ice cream. So it does make sense why his sugar would be elevated over night, when he is almost constantly nursing.He usually eats approximately 110 carbs a day, and those are solely from nursing. If he puts anything else in his mouth the carbs are minimal. When I look at the trend graph on the CGM it looks like D peaks out about 11PM and rides the high the rest of the night. Sugars stay constant, because he is constantly eating.  So I am left to wonder which is more beneficial to my son, extended breastfeeding or keeping his sugar low at. He nurses miminally during the day, maybe 2 – 4 times, and I fear that night weaning will lead to straight up full weaning. This is not something I am fully prepared to do, and I KNOW he isn’t. The boy has boob-dar. He can find a boob with his eyes shut, and latch without even waking up. From the beginning I have always said, we would not be having that conversation if he was 100% healthy but now I am starting to doubt if my stubborn nature is getting in my son’s way of being healthy. :/

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