How to Render Your Own Tallow

The GAPS diet focuses on healing through intensive vitamin A and D therapy as well as with probiotic therapy. The easiest and healthiest ways to get that is through animal fats of pastured beasts. Smile Since beef is the easiest fat to get that is what I primarily use. In fact, I get my beef fat from a local butcher/beef jerky shop for free. Why? Because most Americans are afraid of fat, and thus the butcher throws it out. No skin off his nose to save me a shopping sack of it.

According to Cheeseslave and some of the other Real Food Media, rendering your own tallow is pretty easy. After taking my first shot at it this morning,I will say that it  couldn’t be much easier. I had read on another blog to try and chop your fat up with a food processor….well I don’t have one of those. What I do have is a Vitamix blender. So being the ever creative person… I decided to take a shot at grinding my own beef fat.

According the to the blender, if you are blending a whole food then you are supposed to use the high setting. Well beef fat is a whole food….right? Apparently not, because this was what I ended up with.




It didn’t affect the outcome though, despite the fact that it looks DE-GUSTING!


As you can see I chose the crockpot method. I just turned it on and walked away. This is why I chose this method. I also made sure to use my smallest crockpot, the cheapo I bought when I was fresh from the womb of my parents house. It’s not good for much more than this and warming a nice smell good something or other, but for this it works PERFECTLY. It’s pretty much the Baby Bear of my crockpot family in this situation.

After I rendered the tallow, I poured it through a coffee filter and metal strainer into a mason jar, and from a mason jar into a silicone muffin pan. After I put it in the muffin pan, I set the whole thing on a tray in the fridge to cool and solidify. 20 minutes later I had perfect little Beef Tallow Nuggets. The silicone muffin tray made it super easy to pop them out, bag them up, and freeze them for instant use when cooking.

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